Media Releases

  • 07 November 2014

    Strong Support for Education in the Nelson Tasman region

    The Canterbury Community Trust has approved grants totalling $311,562 for the Nelson Tasman education sector, highlighting their commitment to supporting the region and its initiatives.

  • 29 August 2014

    $2 million Ngai Tahu Partnership Fund MoU platform for social and affordable housing in Canterbury

    The Canterbury Community Trust and Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu signed a memorandum of understanding this week which represents their collaboration around the delivery of The Trust's $2 million Ngai Tahu Partnership Fund as a platform for social and affordable housing in Canterbury.

  • 01 August 2014

    Trust supports the Arts in Canterbury

    The Canterbury Community Trust had to make some tough decisions in this year’s arts and heritage sector funding. With a budget of $1.2 million to work with and requests for over $4.2 million it was never going to be an easy task – that equates to $1 granted for every $3.50 requested.

  • 24 June 2014

    The Canterbury Community Trust commits $290,600 to boost health and well-being in Nelson Region

    Health and well-being in the Nelson/Tasman region got a boost to the tune of $290,600 in the latest funding round of The Canterbury Community Trust. According to Trust Chief Executive, Louise Edwards “This donations round was difficult, with our budget over-subscribed by 170 percent with requests from applicants. The Trustees had to make some hard decisions which saw the majority of applicants having their recommendations for grants reduced as a result.”

  • 23 June 2014

    Trust grants $206,400 to support health and well-being in the Marlborough region

    In announcing funding of $206,400 for the Health and Well-Being sector the Canterbury Community Trust wants to re-affirm its commitment to the Marlborough region and its social infrastructure, says Chief Executive Louise Edwards.

  • 18 June 2014

    Health & Wellbeing Sector

    Approved Donations – Canterbury Region

  • 29 May 2014

    The Canterbury Community Trust Connects With The Chatham Islands’ Community

    The Canterbury Community Trust has provided funding to the Chatham Islands for 26 years but the last twelve months has brought a deeper awareness and understanding within the Trust of the Chatham Islands’ challenges and opportunities that require unique, and at times innovative, solutions.

  • 26 May 2014

    Youth of Canterbury still in crisis mode as Trust funds $1.6 million to help sector

    By announcing $1.6 million of funding for its Young People sector, The Canterbury Community Trust is acknowledging that Canterbury youth are still dealing with the aftermath of the earthquakes, particularly in relation to mental health.

  • 15 May 2014

    The Canterbury Community Trust injects over $350,000 into Nelson Region

    The young people of Nelson are set to benefit from The Canterbury Community Trust’s latest funding round, to the tune of $350,602. “This round of funding puts the spotlight on our young people,” says Ms Louise Edwards, Chief Executive, The Canterbury Community Trust.

  • 15 May 2014

    Significant Health Benefits to Nelson Tasman from New Insulation Project

    Significant economic and health benefits are being heralded as a result of the new Warmer Healthier Homes Project for the Nelson Tasman region.

  • 28 April 2014

    Canny Constructions underway in Christchurch

    Twelve teams of engineers, designers, construction experts and creative thinkers are busily building constructions from cans for the inaugural Canstruction competition which will feature for the first time as part of the Ellerslie International Flower show next month. At the end of he competition more than 30,000 cans of food will be donated to the Christchurch City Mission food bank.

  • 10 April 2014

    Talking Points For Nelson Regional Fund Function

    The ability of The Canterbury Community Trust to step forward with additional grants by way of the Regional Fund on top of their usual activities is a reflection of the strong governance and careful investment strategies undertaken over the past 25 years ...

  • 24 March 2014

    Over $300 thousand to Marlborough Sporting Groups

    Collaboration amongst sporting groups and the community to make things happen in Marlborough and Kaikoura is one of the latest emerging trend’s states The Canterbury Community Trust in announcing their $320,839 funding of the Marlborough sports and recreation sector.

  • 23 March 2014

    $1.9 million to Canterbury Sporting Groups

    Collaboration amongst sporting groups and the community to make things happen in Christchurch is the latest emerging trend in the new post earthquake landscape states The Canterbury Community Trust in announcing their $1.9million funding of the Canterbury sports and recreation sector.

  • 06 March 2014

    The Canterbury Community Trust approves $20,000 in response to Christchurch flooding

    The Canterbury Community Trust today approved $20,000 to be used to assist in the clean-up of the worst flooding to hit Christchurch in 100 years. The Trust chairperson Tracey Chambers said this money will be directed towards the clean-up of those areas worst hit in yesterday’s storm.

  • Rata Foundation approves funding of over $1.5 million to Canterbury sport and recreation

    Rata Foundation (formerly The Canterbury Community Trust) has announced funding of $1,591,248 to Canterbury's sports and recreation sector. This is against funding requests of $3,189,429 and comes with a note of caution from the funder. "New Zealand has traditionally had high participation rates in sport for both adults and young people but there are emerging trends which suggest this might not always be the case. As a funder we need to make sure our priorities align with the needs of the community, particularly in relation to growing participation in areas of our communities where greater barriers exist or participation is low." "Demand always exceeds the budget available. Applicants and the public need to realise our budget is limited and we ask them to look hard at our funding priorities when thinking of applying", says Louise Edwards, Chief Executive of Rata Foundation. Foundation.

  • Iwi Housing Project Response to Post Earthquake Demand

    Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu is delighted to announce the completion of its Addington housing project. The project has seen three earthquake-affected houses in Sumner moved to Addington and renovated to provide modern comfortable homes for whānau still struggling with the impact of the earthquakes. The iwi led project has been completed in partnership with The Rata Foundation and Te Puni Kōkiri. Community social housing provider Comcare will be responsible for managing and tenancy of the houses and providing tenant support on an ongoing basis.