Vimbayi Chitaka Community Engagement Advisor

What motivated you to join Rātā Foundation?

I am passionate about positive social change and working with people and communities to help them realise their aspirations. My experience of the Foundation, prior to joining the organisation, was it is made up of people who are not only passionate about what they do, but are committed to best practice and doing right by the communities they work with. I wanted to be part of a team which is effective in achieving its outcomes.

What are you personally most passionate about in supporting the community?

My background is Social Work and Community Development. I am particularly passionate about work which strengthens whānau, especially the lives of children.   I love to see community’s come together, working together to define and meet their own aspirations and needs.  I think it’s a privilege to work alongside communities and organisations which work with families or at the grassroots, to engage them and journey with them.

What do you find most rewarding aspect of your work at Rātā Foundation?

I am still quite new in my role here, but I do love the fact that Rātā Foundation is dedicated completely to partnering with community to achieve shared outcomes and seeks to be responsive and agile in doing so. Rātā Foundation stands out in its commitment to fund those aspects of work which others are not able to fund, ensuring the bigger picture is achieved.

What gets you up to and off to work in the morning?

The fantastic people who are dedicated to their communities or the families they work with. The sector is full of very passionate people who are very inspiring to work with.

DDI: 03 335 3091