Tanya Bethell Communications Manager

What motivated you to join Rātā Foundation?

The opportunity to be part of an organisation which constantly strives to make a difference in the lives of others and encourages collaboration at all levels to make things happen.

What are you personally most passionate about in supporting the community?

Young people and their development - as a Mother I would like all children to have access to the services and opportunities my children enjoy. The work done at the coalface of social services in our region continues to inspire me.

What do you find are the most rewarding aspects of your work at Rātā Foundation?

I am Communications Manager here at Rātā Foundation, and as a communicator this job provides me with such a rich diversity of material. I’m not just telling the story of what we do as an organisation but also celebrating the hundreds of groups we support throughout our four funding regions.

What gets you up and off to work each morning?

I live in the country so the hour drive to work gives me the opportunity to think about the day ahead. My day is never mundane, there is always something different to embrace.

Email: tanya.bethell@ratafoundation.org.nz

Mobile: 027 602 7023