Kate Sclater Head of Community Investment

What motivated you to join Rātā Foundation?

I am committed to making a difference in our communities, as a parent, I also have a stake in passing on a better future. Professionally, joining Rātā Foundation, has given me the opportunity to build on my UK experience as a grant maker and strategic funder. 

What are you personally most passionate about in supporting the community?

I believe by working with our partners, towards a common purpose, we can help bring about positive change. I am a strong advocate for the valuable role the voluntary and community sector plays in building communities. I am excited to be looking at how we might help to create the conditions for community organisations to thrive so they can better contribute to healthier, stronger, more connected, communities.

What do you find are the most rewarding aspects of your work at Rātā Foundation?

I work as the Community Investment Manager for Rātā Foundation. As we work more closely with our communities, I am inspired by the passion, commitment and skill of people working to transform communities and lives.

What gets you up and off to work each morning?

I am always impressed with how generous people are with their time, to help make our communities a better place to live. To me supporting and acknowledging the work of people active in their communities is a great reason to come to work each day.  

Email: kate.sclater@ratafoundation.org.nz

DDI: 03 339 5995