Dana McKay Grants Advisor

What motivated you to join Rātā Foundation?

In 2014 I had a life changing experience and made a conscious decision to find work in the form of ‘service’. My previous background had been in engineering, warehousing and distribution so I embarked on a training course with the intent to work in the not for profit sector. Being part of an organisation which has the capacity to assist many groups in their work to make such a major difference in the lives of individuals is a real blessing.

What are you personally most passionate about in supporting the community?

I am passionate about Social Equity and am especially interested in the story of food. It is fantastic Rātā Foundation is able to assist organisations and initiatives who are focused on providing education, opportunities for growing, food rescue and distribution of surplus to communities and individuals in need.

What do you find are the most rewarding aspects of your work at Rātā Foundation?

I have been with Rātā Foundation since June 2015 in an administrative capacity, supporting the Funding Team and applicants in the transition to the new Funding Programme.

It has been a privilege assisting applicants to navigate the new online system, as well as developing relationships with individuals and organisations who are doing such important work in our communities. It has also been incredibly rewarding working with my peers who are passionate about the work they do to make a difference in the lives and prosperity of these organisations and individuals.

What gets you up and off to work each morning?

Each day brings interesting and new challenges. As I am new to this sector I am learning something new everyday and it is a real privilege to work with such a supportive and fun team.


Email: dana.mckay@ratafoundation.org.nz

DDI: DDI: 03 335 3093