Capacity Building Tools

  • Here you will find a range of downloadable help sheets.

    The help sheets have been created as a direct result of leading NZ research which highlighted these nine areas as those that result in best outcomes for strengthening community groups and organisations.



    Help Sheets


    Groups need to have an agreed vision and purpose about where they are going.

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    Financial Management

    Finance is the process of attracting, utilising and accounting for money.

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    Good governance is about effective processes and decision making ensuring that an organisation is run well.

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    Measuring your effectiveness and doing your job well requires efficient and useful administration.

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    Connecting with others and enabling you to achieve something beyond what you can achieve alone.

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    Evaluation has two key purposes, to learn about how you have done something and to be accountable to your stakeholders.

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    Motivating people and getting them excited about their contributions is vital - leaders create the perfect environment.

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    How well you enthuse and empower people to your cause will often be the main factor in your groups success.

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    Relationships are important for success, growth and development.

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