Te pūrongo me te ako mō tō kaupapa

Reporting and learning about your project

  • Rātā Foundation is keen to understand what you are learning and how our funding has supported your organisation to make a difference.

    We will use this information to reflect and improve, and to form the basis of reports to share challenges, successes and learnings from our grant recipients.

    To help us understand what is happening in communities, we will be inviting you to fill in a short Post-Grant survey.

    In general, this will be in about one year’s time. We’d greatly appreciate your participation. However, if you choose not to participate, this will not affect your ability to apply in the future.

    We have broadly set out our questions below, so you know what we will be asking, and the types of information you need to collect.


    • We’d like to hear about any learnings you've had this last year. For example, improvement areas, reasons for success or challenges, unanticipated outcomes, ideas for how you will apply learnings to future projects.
    • What differences or outcomes you have seen as a result of your project, programme or service?
    • Are our priorities still relevant to your organisation's work and the people and communities you work with?
    • In total, how many people did you reach? For example, this may be how many people accessed your services or how many people attended an event you ran
    • Where did you deliver your project, programme or service?
    • Where did the people who benefited come from
    • Who were the people? We will ask you to specify age groups and ethnicities in the formats below. If you do not collect this data for any reason, it would still be helpful if you could make an estimation. You may like to think about how you could track this information.
  • Age Groups

    • 0-4 years
    • 5-11 years
    • 12-18 years
    • 19-24 years
    • 25-34 years
    • 35-44 years
    • 45-54 years
    • 55-64 years
    • 65-74 years
    • 75 years and over


    • European
    • Māori
    • Asian
    • MELAA (Middle Eastern/Latin American/African)
    • Pacific Peoples
    • Other ethnicity