Tatou Papa

Our Board

The board is the governing body of Rātā Foundation. They are appointed by the Minister of Finance for a four-year term.

The Board has amongst its members a balanced representation from throughout its four funding regions- Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and the Chatham Islands. The range of expertise at the Board table ensures a range of broad-based skills and wisdom is applied to its governance standards.

The Board is responsible for the policy direction of Rātā Foundation. This includes strategic planning, budgets and investments, grants and other policies. It delegates day-to-day management to the Chief Executive.

The Board operates under a charter which includes a Code of Conduct in which all trustees commit to acting ethically and professionally and to avoid conflicts of interest with respect to their fiduciary duties.

The Board has six standing committees:

  • Remuneration
  • Audit and Risk
  • Investments
  • Māori
  • Canterbury Grants

  • Northern Grants