Identity Evolution Story Rātā Foundation

We’ve changed our name and logo but
our core purpose remains the same

The Canterbury Community Trust is excited to introduce our new Visual identity and name – Rātā Foundation.

This is the first major update to our identity since our inception in 1988. It is a historic move forward for us as an organisation and we want to make you aware of the drivers behind this recent evolution.                      

Identity Evolution                         

We hold in trust for the communities of Canterbury, Marlborough, Nelson and the Chatham Islands an endowment, or putea, of over half a billion dollars. This comes from the sale of the community’s shares in what was previously known as the Canterbury Savings Bank. This endowment allows us to make millions of dollars worth of grants each year to community organisations in our four funding regions.

While our name has changed, our core purpose hasn’t. We’re still your organisation, working to connect, collaborate and transform the lives of those who live within our funding regions through our grant-making.


Why we’ve evolved

All effective organisations evolve to keep pace with the changing needs of their stakeholders and the sector they serve. We started our identity evolution process with a Perception Survey in April 2014, which told us that:

  • Our name, The Canterbury Community Trust, was confusing. Many of our Canterbury applicants and influencers believed our funds were only for Canterbury, while our other regions found the name ‘isolating’ and ‘not inclusive’.
  • Many respondents did not understand our history – ‘where and who does the money come from’.
  • The word 'Trust' was misleading and confusing, leading people to ask ‘what social services we provided’.

In developing our new name and visual identity – Rātā Foundation – we are addressing these concerns and taking
a position of:

  • Leadership, collaboration and smart investment
  • Belonging to all our four funding regions
  • Guardianship and community

Fundamentally, we have refreshed our identity to better reflect our strategic vision and core beliefs.




What’s changed

Our new name, Rātā Foundation, is inspired by the Southern Rātā tree.

This ancient species is well known for its brilliant red flowers that provide one of the most colourful displays in the New Zealand forest. This name positions us as an enduring foundation, or trunk, which supports an abundance of branches, leaves and flowers – the community we serve.

Our new name is supported by a positioning line, ‘Connect, Collaborate, Transform’. This line speaks to the purpose of the organisation which is to be a catalyst for healthy, happy and prosperous communities. We always work in partnership and collaboration to ensure we are having a positive impact in the regions we serve.



Join us on the journey

We want you to join us on our identity evolution journey. We want you to celebrate with us and own our new name by becoming a Brand Ambassador for the Rātā Foundation. We believe this is an exciting next step in our journey together to realise our collective vision for strong, connected, healthy, happy and prosperous communities. Just like the organic nature of the Rātā tree itself, we and the communities we support will continue to connect, collaborate and transform together.

E pātuki te manawa o te Rātā, he oranga mō te iwi.
The heartbeat of the Rātā sustains the people.