Our Research

  • We believe in order to make a difference, we need to have an understanding of the needs, issues and strengths in our communities.

    To help inform our grant making practice, from time to time we commission research. Here we share those findings with you.

    A Snapshot of the Social Services Sector in Rātā Foundation's Funding Regions

    Rātā Foundation commissioned research to gain an understanding of the current issues and future needs of the Social Services sector.

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    Best Practice Principles for In Schools Programmes

    Rātā Foundation commissioned Dr Gabrielle Wall to undertake an evaluation of what works for behavioural intervention programmes in schools. Twelve principles have been developed through a large-scale literature review and analysis.

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    Connecting to Strengthen Community Sector Governance

    In March 2019 CSI and Rātā Foundation convened a hui with non-for-profit leaders in capacity building and funders to explore opportunities for growing community sector governance capability. This report summarising the knowledge and ideas shared at the hui, including conditions for success and priority opportunities and actions.

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    Early Learning Sector Scan

    In May 2018 Rātā Foundation commissioned research to gain an understanding of the current issues and future needs of the Early Learning Sector.

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    Ihi Research: Strengthening the Early Years Sector

    Rātā Foundation recognises the importance the early years of a child’s life plays in setting a strong foundation for their future. Likewise Rātā recognises the important role of not-for-profit organisations working with families in the foundational first 1000 days of a child’s life in enabling positive outcomes. Ihi Research was contracted by Rātā Foundation to undertake exploratory knowledge building research, on how the Early Years, not-for-profit sector, provides support for diverse families in the early years of a child’s life.

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    Rātā Foundation Arts and Heritage Sector Scan

    This report has been prepared for the Rātā Foundation by EeMun Chen and Mark Tamura from MartinJenkins (Martin, Jenkins & Associates Limited). Input and peer review has also been provided by Angela Davies and Karyn McLeod from Rātā Foundation.

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    Rātā Foundation Environment Sector Scan

    The Rātā Foundation is working through a programme of evidence informed priority setting to focus its funding strategically in the face of increasing demand. It has commissioned this report to provide background and technical expertise for the development of funding priorities for community organisations working for the environment.

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    Rātā Foundation Sport and Recreation Sector Research Report 2014

    July 2014. This research involved undertaking an environmental scan, which focused on identification of emerging issues.

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    Rātā Foundation Sport and Recreation Sector Research Report 2020 

    In 2020, Rātā Foundation commissioned RSL Consultancy to undertake a scan of the Sport and Active Recreation sector. The scope of this report focussed on the changing landscape of the sport and active recreation sector across Rātā regions, particularly looking at the change of emphasis from Sport NZ. It presents issues and trends affecting the sector and the system that delivers play, sport and active recreation opportunities.

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    Strengthening Community Governance in Nelson and Tasman

    Rātā  Foundation recognises the role of effective governance in building strong organisations to deliver community outcomes.  In this research, we asked community organisations in Nelson and Tasman what would help to strengthen community sector governance.

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