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There are two easy steps to completing the process.


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If you haven’t already done so, the system will prompt you to register your organisation with us (create an online account). Please enter your organisation name as your username. On receipt of your registration request we will confirm your username and password and activate your account. We will send you an e-mail informing you that your account is active. Please allow up to one business day for this process to be completed and to receive your notification.

To help you with your application download a copy of our Online Application FAQs which covers the more technical aspects of using the online portal.

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Complete Application

Check that you are applying under the correct sector on the Our Grants page.

Work your way through the online application, answering all questions as you go. There are lots of helpful tips along the way to ensure that you provide us with the information we need to assess your application. You can also refer back to the Getting Started Guide.

Please note that if you are applying under the Sport and Recreation sector we have a set of priorities and criteria that differs from the other sectors and we will require you to fill out an additional questionnaire (which can be found in the online application process).

We’re interested in how your project will lead to outcomes for your community. We’ll assess your application on what you tell us about your project or organisation, not on how well you have presented your application. Please use clear language that is easy to understand. If you find you’ve not been able to format your answers as well as you’d like, please don’t worry, as this won’t affect your assessment.

If you experience any issues with your online application please call us on freephone 0508 266 878 or email 

Note: the form can be saved and returned to, it doesn’t need to be done all in one go.

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