On Monday 15 January 2018 we will be temporarily closing our funding application portal. Click here for more information.

How to Apply Pēhea te Tono

Rātā Foundation Funding Portal Temporary Close-Down

We have temporarily closed our application portal as we transition to a new Grants Management System.

Click for More Info

If you have previously completed an online application, you’re already registered on our application portal.  However, it is still important you check out the How We Fund and What We Fund to ensure you understand the changes to our funding programme and how they affect your application.

If you are not already registered, you will need to set up a new user account.  This is an easy step.

Register online

If you haven’t already done so, the system will prompt you to register your organisation with us (create an online account).  Please enter your organisation name as your username.  

Now you are ready to complete your application

First double check you are applying under the correct funding programme by visiting How We Fund.

Work your way through the online application, answering all questions as you go.  There are tips along the way to ensure you provide us with the information we need to assess your application. If you have any questions about any of our programmes, including eligibility and what we do and don’t fund, and what makes a good application please read our Frequently Asked Questions before you submit your application.

Before you submit your application:

  • double-check you have completed your application questions fully
  • ensure you have included all the supporting documents required
  • contact us if you’re not sure which supporting documents to send
  • create and keep copies of any hard-copy documents you send as we may ask questions about these

We’re interested in how your project will lead to outcomes for your community.  We’ll assess your application on what you tell us about your project or organisation, not on how well you have presented your application.  Please use clear language that is easy to understand.  If you find you’ve not been able to format your answers as well as you’d like, please don’t worry, as this won’t affect your assessment.

If you experience any issues with your online application please call us on freephone 0508 266 878 or email enquiry@ratafoundation.org.nz