Kaipupu Point Wildlife Sanctuary

Kaipupu Point is a small but prominent headland situated at the southern end of Queen Charlotte Sound, between Picton Harbour and Shakespeare Bay. The sanctuary is approximately 40 hectares. Kaipupu Point Mainland Island Society (KPMIS) was established in 2005 with a long term goal to establish a wildlife sanctuary on Kaipupu Point in a 'Mainland Island' style through the eradication of introduced pests animals and plant species. To achieve this aim the society embarked on a fundraising campaign which assisted the building of a predator proof fence, eradication programme of plant and animal pests, the restoration of the natural ecosystems and repopulation of native birds and indigenous flora and fauna.

The Canterbury Community Trust assisted with the building of the predator proof fence which creates the mainland island. The fence is 600 metres long and stretches across the isthmus- from Picton Harbour to Shakespeare Bay. It forms a barrier across the isthmus and with the natural barrier of the water has proven to be relatively straight forward to physically isolate and defend the sanctuary from pests. A jetty has been constructed and a pontoon and link-span has been added to this.